About Our Business Name

Our business name, Your Sold Real Estate, was intentionally chosen to reflect our branding and identity in a way that we wanted people to feel that they have a sense of ownership (i.e., Your, a possessive pronoun of You) of Real Estate. After all, it is your Real Estate. Although Sold is a verb, for brevity of the business name and keeping with the graphic design of logo letters, we specifically chose the four lettered 'Your' over 'You're'. The colour scheme and wording allows our business name/logo to be interpreted two ways: Your (grey) Sold (orange) Real Estate (grey) OR Your (grey) Real Estate (grey) Sold (orange).

The team at Your Sold Real Estate is committed to paving and leading the way in the industry. The experience and wealth of knowledge shared by the team, is far from infantile, with over 25 years of combined experience and award winning success within the industry.

We here at Your Sold Real Estate, are keen and committed to work with and for you, whether you be a buyer, vendor, landlord or investor, to help you achieve your ultimate goals and dreams.

As a service profession, we do not believe in becoming complacent, and we encourage you to contact us today for a confidential discussion. You'll be sold by our service! 

Our Mission Statement, 

To be the number one provider of Real Estate in the Goulburn Valley providing a fresh and reliable approach with old fashioned values.

 Our Values, 

  • Fresh and reliable
  • Old-fashioned and down to earth approach
  • Professional and Competent
  • You'll be sold by our service!